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Our Practice Areas


We can assist you to take legal action or we can represent you in order to defend your legal rights out of court as well as in court.

Divorces/Family law

We specialise in assisting our clients with all aspects of a divorce from settlement negotiations, pre-trials, maintenance and the final order granting the divorce. 

Commercial Law

We are specialised in all issues relating to company registrations, shareholder agreements and various other contracts for your company.

Debt Collection

We undertake all aspects of corporate and individual recovery and advise clients on their debtors’ book..


We understand the importance of setting rules and responsibilities in contracts, to assist you with any type of contract, contact us!

Administration of estates

This process is known to be very complicated and traumatic, therefore we assist our clients in fulfilling the duties of the executor as fast and efficient as possible.

Intellectual Property Law

We specialise in all aspects of Intellectual Property Law with specific focus on Trade Mark Law and Copyright Law.

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